Listed on this page are parts websites that I have found useful, excellent Youtube DIY channels, and a few other helpful resources.


Parts are notoriously expensive for foreign vehicles, especially BMWs. This is a list of car parts sites that I frequent when parts at the auto store are too expensive or are unavailable. I highly suggest giving these websites a try if you’ve got time for the parts to arrive. I save so much money by avoiding the dealership, and over-priced auto store parts.

AutohousAZ, this is our favorite site to order parts from for BMWs. This website specializes in German auto parts, and offers a 36 month warranty on all parts.

Rock Auto, an excellent website that I frequently use to order parts for my vehicles. Parts are typically a lot cheaper than from the parts store, but the quality is quite good. I have heard some complaints about customer service, but I have never had a single issue with their parts.

Bavarian Autosports, another reputable discount auto parts dealer. It’s focus is on BMW parts, and it also has some DIY videos and a blog.

Cool Youtube Channels

There are some awesome resources on Youtube that cover all kinds of subjects on cars, from DIY videos to product reviews to test drives. Here’s a few channels that I have found really useful and interesting.

Eric the Car Guy, if you haven’t heard of this guy and you do some work on your own car, you need to click the link. This guy is the man when it comes to car repair, most DIY guys on Youtube either focus on really simple stuff or they throw some moderately difficult jobs in the mix. This guy will teach you how to rebuild rear ends and assembly engines. Although he doesn’t do any work that I’ve seen specifically geared toward BMWs, his videos are extremely informative and useful for general repair knowledge.

Scotty Kilmer, don’t like him as much as Eric, but he has a lot of useful information. If you hear him speak about BMWs, don’t expect it to be complementary.

Bavarian Autosports, they have a good BMW Youtube channel,many of their videos specifically address E36s.

BMW Repair, helped me out a few times.

Miller Time BMW, he’s helped me out a few times.

E36 Fanatics, this is my personal BMW DIY Channel that I have been playing with for the past two years. I add repair videos from time to time on E36’s and a few other models.

Other Helpful Sources

Bimmer DIY, a useful site that lists various fault codes and issues that are associated with them.

Pelican Parts, has a nice collection of DIY repairs for the home mechanic with detailed descriptions.